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June To-Dos

June 25th, 2024

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Our objective is to guide the family in finding options where the student will not only get admitted, but thrive and find success once on campus.

June To-Dos

These June to-dos are helpful to keep in mind to begin the summer.
Plan ahead this summer with these June to-dos list to keep you focused on your college future.

Plan ahead this summer with a to-do list to keep you focused on your college future.


  • Respond to materials you are getting from your intended college in a timely manner. Take advantage of pre-orientation programs if offered.
  • Prepare well for orientation by reviewing your course options and developing a list of questions for your advisor.
  • Shore up skills such as time management by determining your planning strategies in college (planner, calendars). If you need to improve skills, consider our High School to College Skills Program.
  • Put in place a “toolbox” of stress-busting strategies such as meditation apps for your smartphone, and specific plans for regular exercise. Be sure to identify which club/activity you will join once you get to campus.
  • If you want to defer college, check the policy of your chosen college. While most will grant the request, others will ask you to reapply if you withdraw.
  • Ask teachers for recommendations and complete forms for them and your school counselor by their deadlines.
  • Draft your activities resume for later use in your application.
  • Register for SAT and ACT now if you have not yet done so and start studying at least a month before the target test date.
  • Make plans to take both a practice SAT and ACT to determine which test is a better fit for you. Share your results with us so we can create a testing plan for the coming year.
  • Work with us to make a list of activities so you can evaluate and see if you may want to pursue an additional interest this summer or next school year.
  • Interested in understanding your strengths and how they apply to careers? Contact us to arrange an online assessment.
All Students
  • If you haven’t yet found a job or meaningful volunteer work, take a class or pursue one of your hobbies in depth (or find a new interest). Don’t be idle.
  • Find a book and keep reading all summer (see our list of suggestions in this issue).

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