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Christie, Parent

Educational Advocates’ help in preparing our daughter for the college process was invaluable. I’m not sure that we would have been able to get through it without their help. Prior to working with Joan, we had visited several college campuses, but were having a difficult time narrowing down our daughter’s choices. Each school seemed to offer something unique and appealing. Thankfully, Joan helped us to sort through all of the information and compose a list of schools which suited our daughter’s needs and interests. Throughout the application process, Joan’s ability to simplify each step, ensured that the process be as stress free as possible. I have recommended Educational Advocates to many of our friends and look forward to working with them again with our younger daughter.

Sally, Winchester Parent

I became panicked when my daughter and I began the college search process. She is an only child, and I had no experience with the application process. I contacted Educational Advocates in Brookline MA after finding a recommendation for them on my town’s residents Facebook page. Educational Advocates was the highest rated of all mentioned private college counseling services.  Several of the other IEC’s endorsed were located closer to our community, but I wanted the best if we were going to invest in one.  It turned out to be the best decision.  Rebecca Kenney was assigned to be our counselor, and I can’t speak more highly of her. The moment I met her at the first consultation I felt like I’d known her forever.  She completely empowered my daughter in her college search and application process. Rebecca’s structure, reminders, and deadlines were very beneficial especially given my daughter’s extremely busy schedule.  Rebecca made sure that my student set aggressive but realistic goals for her course schedule, after school and summer commitments. Being able to call on an expert reduced my stress. I could trust that my daughter’s college list, application and essay strategies were strong.

In December my daughter was accepted to her first choice ED University and all four of her EA schools.

Shiri, Parent of American University student

Educational Advocates was instrumental in making the college process smooth for our son and for us. Although we have been through the process with our older son and were somewhat familiar with it, we found the Educational Advocates process extremely helpful. Our consultant, Cathy, was knowledgeable, organized, and stayed on top of things. Cathy helped us narrow down the list of colleges that were best suited for our son and to strategize about where and if to apply early decision and early admission. Every step went more smoothly due to her guidance and the deadlines she set for our son. She was always readily available to consult with and prompt with responding to our questions. Most importantly, thanks to Cathy our son was accepted to his first choice college. We are grateful for the support from Educational Advocates and Cathy in particular.

Anna, Parent of Columbia University student

Educational Advocates provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the college admissions process. Joan provides a wealth of information about a range of appropriate college choices for each student and what’s necessary to get into them. Her calm and positive approach helped our daughter gain clarity about what was important to her. Her guidance with self assessment, essay writing, testing, college visits, interviews, and evaluating choices helped our daughter find a school that is a perfect fit for her.

Bob, Newton parent

Our daughter got into her #1 choice of colleges.  She applied to a brand new program designed for students who want to develop or work in a creative business.  She would never have known about the program were it not for Rebecca Kenney at Educational Advocates who continues to do extensive research not only on the college choices but the “inside the college choices” as well.

Oleg U. , Newton, MA

Cathy did an incredible job both evaluating my niece and helping her to find a school to fit her needs perfectly. She worked closely with her and used her skills to assist her with applications and she received early admission to all of the colleges she applied to! We greatly appreciate Cathy’s help and will definitely be coming back to her for assistance with our younger children.

Mia, Parent of Wesleyan University student

My daughter was fortunate to work with Educational Advocates during her junior and senior year of high school. This was our second time through the admissions frenzy with them and although we were seasoned parents we knew we would benefit from their expertise. Our younger child had a difficult high school experience secondary to multiple medical issues for which she was on an IEP. Our consultant was able to relate well to my daughter, which was very important to her success in navigating the college admissions process. Our consultant was a tremendous resource, cheerleader, advocate and when necessary “enforcer” – all with a great sense of compassion. During a very stressful time for our family she worked hard to help us maintain an even keel and push the process forward. Despite the ups and downs including a planned early admission that had to be deferred, my daughter was thrilled to be accepted at her top school. It is with much gratitude and appreciation that I recommend Educational Advocates to future students.

Maureen, Parent of Skidmore College student

Working with Educational Advocates was a real pleasure for us as parents and for our son. It gave all of us comfort that we had covered all the bases, strategically and tactically. They gave my son a lot of confidence and sense of competence during what is typically a very stressful time. His final decision has turned out to be a perfect fit, and an excellent choice. Working with Educational Advocates is worth the investment of time and money. Result: priceless.

Adina, Connecticut College Student

Educational Advocates helped me smoothly navigate my way through the college process. I approached Joan and Liz with no idea of what I wanted to write my personal essay or supplements about, and I left our first meeting feeling confident and stress-free. They took all the time needed to help me organize my thoughts and devise a plan for my writing, and I created very strong essays that highlighted my strengths. Joan is a wealth of information and great advice. I would never have been accepted to my top schools without them!

Leah, Harvard University student

I’m the type of person who comes up with every possibility, whether it’s testing theories in science or putting together a mile-long college list. With your help, I was able to prioritize which colleges fit me best, thus rendering an overwhelming list to one that was far more reasonable and comprehensive. You also challenged me to write an essay that explored my true character, background, and beliefs, which would have been a very difficult task without your help. The fact that I can say that the college process “wasn’t too stressful” is a testament to the value of your guidance.

Tara L., Columbia University Graduate Student

Cathy’s guidance was invaluable as I applied to graduate school. With her help I crafted a personal statement that highlighted my best experiences and truly reflected my passion for my field. I felt like I was able to show off my best side to each school, and now I can’t wait to start my master of public health at my first choice program!

Donna and Peter, parents of Cornell University student

We want to express our sincere thanks for Cathy’s work with our daughter. The research and insights that Cathy provided about colleges helped her make better informed decisions about schools to which she should apply. She found Cathy’s input supportive and optimistic, yet practical too. Writing essays about yourself can be difficult, but through Cathy’s feedback she felt that she clarified her writing and was able to express her unique perspective to potential colleges.

Lauren, Mother of Elon University student

Educational Advocates was exceptional in helping my son and me through the entire college process! We worked with Rebecca and she met with us regularly and guided us through the research, the testing, the choosing of schools and the applications. She was always available for help and her opinions and answers are smart and knowledgeable. Rebecca held my son accountable to the tasks that he had to do in order to find the success that he did. We highly recommend EA and we are thrilled that we hired them.

Parent of Division I student athlete

Working with the Educational Advocates team was a wonderful experience for our family. We cannot thank them enough for their terrific guidance and support. Our daughter was interested in blending athletics and academics in college. This could have been an overwhelming experience; however, Joan made identifying and selecting college options so much easier. Her knowledge of the athletic recruiting process was extremely helpful. She guided us through this process skillfully and successfully. I highly recommend Educational Advocates and look forward to working with them again for our other children.

Julie, George Washington University student

Educational Advocates definitely helped me organize my thoughts and figure out what it was that I was looking for in a college. I had no idea what type of school I wanted and you assisted me with figuring out all the specifics. Without all of your help, the college application process would have been never-ending and extremely difficult.

Chris, College of Wooster student

You really helped me through an incredibly stressful time in my life and you made it a million times easier.

Karen, Parent of a University of St. Andrews student

Rebecca was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, attentive and supportive throughout the college search process. She made the daunting prospect of navigating and applying to college, much more manageable and strategic. It was comforting to know she was always there to advise and provide answers to our constant questions at a stressful time for our college bound senior.

Ted, Skidmore College student

I think I would have gone insane dealing with the college process on my own this year. You held me to such high standards, and it truly paid off. I could not be more excited for Skidmore.

Carol, Parent of Tufts University student

Educational Advocates was tremendously helpful to my son and me as we navigated the college application process. My son felt very comfortable with his consultant. He appreciated her assistance and respected her opinions. She helped my son to evaluate what kind of school he wanted to attend and made herself available whenever we needed her. Educational Advocates helped formulate a realistic list of schools, and then, with patience and wisdom, guided him through the application process. With their help, my son and I got through the application process with our relationship unscathed. And he was accepted to his first choice school!

Maria, Parent

Joan was an excellent partner to us and our daughter in the college admission process. From the beginning, we felt that Joan would add the structure and resources to the process that we could not; we are good project managers but we don’t understand this industry the way she does. The tools she provided to our daughter to prepare for visits and interviews helped improve her confidence, and we are sure this helped in the admission process. Joan was willing to have the difficult conversations with our daughter (and sometimes with us) to make sure it was a college search that would most benefit the student.

My daughter has a learning challenge and Joan added a breadth of knowledge and first hand exposure to colleges on the curriculum demands and academic support. This added-value made a huge difference in our final application list and my daughter’s comfort in the list. When the time came to write essays and finish applications, Joan was excellent at letting my daughter’s voice come through and made sure she was ready for applying early decision. My daughter was accepted to her first choice, a highly selective college. Joan was our first call after we got the acceptance envelope.

My daughter absolutely loves her college; she can’t stop telling me how happy she is there and how she feels it is her “tribe.” She feels challenged and excited by classes and has made friends. The academic support office has been proactive in working with my daughter. Joan helped us get to that big sigh of relief you feel as a parent when you know your child will be okay. We would recommend her to folks looking for someone who will care about your child’s future almost as much as you do.

Julie and David, Newton, MA

Joan helped our son through a transfer admissions process. Our son immediately connected with her and trusted her advice and opinions. He thought she was thoughtful, respectful and smart. We found her wise, kind and very knowledgeable. She knew what was important and what wasn’t. We believe her expertise was pivotal in his success in transferring to the college of his choice. We only wish we had used her earlier when our other sons went through the admissions process.

Nina, College of William and Mary

When I have a lot of things on my plate, I get major anxiety and can’t do any of it. Being able to come into Educational Advocates and spill out all my worries was a miracle. They had everything organized for me–all my due dates and requirements for various schools. I had no idea what type of school I wanted to go to, but after weeks of talking and figuring it out, we made the perfect choice. They also prepared me for interviews I was SO nervous for. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

SaraAnn, Connecticut College

I was terrified of the entire college application process until I found Educational Advocates. Joan Casey was extremely organized and helpful which made completing my applications so much easier. She helped me craft the perfect essay, and realize what I needed to get into the school of my dreams. Soon after I started working with her, I was put on a schedule which allowed me to get my applications done at a very comfortable speed. One of my favorite memories working with Educational Advocates was calling Ms. Casey on the phone, extremely excited, after I had visited my dream school, Connecticut College, for the first time. They will never deny you the help that you need, and they will be there to help you with the process every step of the way!
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