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April To-Dos

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Be sure to take advantage of virtual college events.

  • Plan to visit or revisit colleges (virtually or in-person) as you make your final decision about where to matriculate next year. 
  • Be sure to send your deposit and housing forms by the deadline of May 1 to secure your spot at a college. Some colleges offer the best housing to those who deposit first so bear this in mind.
  • Let your teachers and counselors who wrote recommendations know of your decision and be sure to thank them for their support.
  • Keep your grades up and avoid any disciplinary issues—college admissions offers can be rescinded.
  • Schedule the SAT and/or the ACT. Unless you are a strong standardized test taker or plan to apply test-optional, make arrangements to study through a course, tutor, or a free online website such as Khan Academy.
  • By now you should have completed a self-assessment of your grades, interests, and future goals and met with your consultant to develop an initial list of colleges. Continue researching your list and arrange visits (virtual or in-person) over the spring and summer—particularly if your fall will be occupied with extracurricular activities.
  • Begin to think about which two junior year academic teachers you will ask for recommendations to support your college applications.
  • Update or start a resume of activities. Do you have enough to engage you? If not, think about what interests you and how you might get involved.
  • Make careful choices for your junior year courses and sketch out your preferred options for senior year to be sure you are tracking toward your goals.
  • Take both a practice SAT and ACT when school is out in June, and then sketch out a plan for which standardized tests you will take in the coming year and when, or if applying test-optional makes more sense for you.
All Students
  • Finalize summer activities such as paid or volunteer work, an enrichment course, or learn new skills. You could earn a lifeguard certification, learn to paint, or improve your computer skills. Keep reading and writing.

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