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Welcome Laurel Weijer To The Educational Advocates Team

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Laurel Weijer is an experienced teacher, counselor and admissions professional who has worked in both secondary and higher education for more than a decade. She is passionate about helping students grow throughout the college admissions process, tell their own unique stories, and find the right college fit. She has experience working with students from a variety of backgrounds as well as students with language-based learning differences. She believes that great college…

The May SAT has been cancelled; April ACT Moved To June 13

I hope you and your family are healthy and the current situation has not caused hardship for you. Try to remain calm about disruptions such as the test cancellations. As frustrating as this is, remember that colleges will be understanding about this unusual situation. It will all work out.

Here are steps to take between now and June:

  1. Register for the June SAT, or the July ACT just to be safe. Do this ASAP as sites will fill.
  2. Connect your College Board account with Khan Academy, which

North Carolina College Road Trip: High Point University, UNC Chapel Hill, Davidson and Duke

At High Point University, Cottrell Hall includes The Flanagan Center for Student Success, which is known for experiential learning, including career and internship opportunities.

As college admissions experts, we are frequently invited to multi-day, immersive campus visits to learn about new developments and better educate our clients. Our recent re-visit to High Point University in North Carolina reinforced why it is essential to return to campuses as offerings can…

Ten Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

It’s that time of the year again, when we’re all trying to find the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with ideas. I consulted with Gail Ockerbloom, owner of Studio on the Common in Winchester, who doesn’t just sell gifts, she and her staff offer inspiration: describe your special person and they will come up with several reasonably priced options that you may never have considered. Here are some ideas:

Are you the Secret Santa

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

If you need gift ideas for teens, check out these suggestions for books and technology:


Our friends at Wellesley Books offer suggestions in a range of genres:

The Three-Year Swim Club by Julie Checkoway.

If you enjoyed Boys in the Boat, you will like The Three Year Swim Club.  A revolutionary teacher turns swim coach and trains generations of Hawaiian sharecroppers’ children into world class swimming champions. In addition to the swimmers’ success stories, the history…

Mining the Data: Retention & Graduation Rates

Joan K. Casey

As a high school student evaluating colleges, it is challenging to interpret the available data in a way that is relevant to you personally. So here we take a close look at retention and graduation rates and some of the reasons behind the numbers. The freshman retention rate indicates the percent of enrolled freshmen that return for their sophomore year. The 4- and 6- year graduation rates are just what they sound like: they indicate the percent of students who earned…

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

If you need gift ideas for teens, check out these suggestions for technology, games and books.

Tech Gifts

Beats Pill Portable Speakers offer 15 hours of play and can charge and connect to any phone.

The Mophiecharger offers a compact design that attaches to a key ring so you never have to worry about losing power and not being able to text or return a parent’s call!


Lily Lejeune, buyer for Eureka Games recommends the following (relatively) new games:

Coup is a bluffing card…

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Beware: Increased Prescription Drug Abuse on College Campuses

Young adults ages 18 to 22 are the biggest abusers of prescriptions drugs. College students are twice as likely to abuse stimulant medications such as Adderall or Ritalin (which are used to treat ADHD) as those who do not attend college at all—or part-time students.

“Stimulant abuse is a hidden addiction,” said Michael Ferullo, a social worker with a private practice in Brookline. “Many college students use them to stay up late to study or write papers—but they don’t have…

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Public Honors Programs: An Affordable Path To a Top-Notch Education

As a way to attract top students who might otherwise attend a private university, public universities across the country have been adding honors programs or distinct honors colleges. Such honors entities vary in structure, though they typically provide students with opportunities such as research, designated classes and a residential living component. In some instances, such as at the University of Arkansas, students receive scholarships that can cover most of their…

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