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Five Tasks to Master Before You Leave for College

Congratulations to the soon-to-be or recent graduates!  Now is a good time to take stock of how prepared you are for the independence of college living—and what you might need to shore up before you pack up in the fall.

Here are five things you need to know before you go to college:

1. How to manage money

Some college students may open a bank account on or near campus, while others may continue to use a current account electronically. If you don’t know how to create a budget, monitor spending…

Getting Time on Your Side: Tips for Better Time Management

By Kim Stewart, MS CCC-SLP

A coffee cup is a coffee cup. You can see it from any angle. It’s undeniable. Time, however, is not this concrete. You can’t see time, and even though a unit of time is quantifiable, it can feel long or short. A minute feels really long when you’re in an interview. A minute is a flash when you’re hanging out with your friends. One of the biggest time management challenges for emerging college students is the shift from a highly structured high-school schedule…

High School Juniors, Forget Fuzzy Goals!

by Jackie Stachel

Attention, high school juniors! I know, I know, if you hear one more time how important this year is to, like, your entire future, you are going to SCREAM. Rather than pile on more admonishments, I’d like to focus on helping you accomplish your goals for the school year.

So, what are your goals? Something like “survive junior year”, right? That’s certainly attainable, but it doesn’t guide your actions much. To set effective goals, keep in mind the process that …

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Final Exam Preparation: An Interview with Steve Elefson of Summit Educational Group

Final exams are looming and there is no better time to put a study plan in place. We recently spoke with Steve Elefson, general manager and tutor for Summit Educational Group about the best way to approach exams.  

What is the biggest mistake that students make in preparing for exams? Saving studying for the last minute and not allowing adequate time to learn the material is the classic mistake that students make. They see preparing for exams as so daunting and think, “The longer I …

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