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Handling College Admissions Decisions with Friendships Intact

While the frenzy of filling out applications and completing supplemental essays has abated, most seniors are now in the middle of the seemingly interminable wait for admissions decisions. Even under the best circumstances, this wait can be stressful, and rising anxiety can lead to less-than-friendly feelings of competition among students. “Protecting Friendships During the College Admissions Process” ...

University of Miami

Students at University of Miami are spirited. I happened to be on campus one recent Friday evening when an all-campus athletic competition was about to take place. Each dorm had a co-ed team represented as did campus commuters. Students wore team colors, sported custom designed t-shirts, and some even carried replicas of the Olympic torch. The campus is quite pretty and is located in Coral Gables ...

SAT and ACT for Students with Disability: Plan Ahead

Consider this scenario: Andrea has a language-based learning disability first diagnosed in third grade. She received academic support services from a reading specialist until age 11. As she entered ninth grade, she had mastered reading strategies and her team felt she no longer required services under an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Andrea’s parents, however, were concerned that she would not ...
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