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Handling College Admissions Decisions with Friendships Intact

March 26th, 2012

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Handling College Admissions Decisions with Friendships Intact

While the frenzy of filling out applications and completing supplemental essays has abated, most seniors are now in the middle of the seemingly interminable wait for admissions decisions. Even under the best circumstances, this wait can be stressful, and rising anxiety can lead to less-than-friendly feelings of competition among students. “Protecting Friendships During the College Admissions Process” offers some excellent tips on what students can to keep tensions with their friends and classmates to a minimum during this sometimes nerve-racking period.

Similarly, it is important to exercise discretion once you’ve received the admissions decisions. While getting a denial letter never feels good, pouring out your disappointment on Facebook or writing a scathing rant about the school for your blog can have unintended consequences. By that same token, posting “I got into Prestigious U!!!!” on Facebook when your classmates are still waiting for their letters or have not had the same success might lead to hurt feelings. An earlier blog post, “College Decisions: Be Proud of Yourself, but Be Gracious Too!” has advice on the best way to celebrate while also being aware of others.

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