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Especially For Seniors: Making the Decisions, Coping With Disappointment, Developing a Waitlist Strategy and More!

April 9th, 2013

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Our objective is to guide the family in finding options where the student will not only get admitted, but thrive and find success once on campus.

Especially For Seniors: Making the Decisions, Coping With Disappointment, Developing a Waitlist Strategy and More!

April is both an exciting and challenging time for seniors who are busy evaluating their college options and preparing to make an important decision as they decide where to send their deposit by the National Candidate Reply Date of May 1st. The following articles from our blog may help you as you grapple with your choices.

Coming to Terms with Admissions Decisions

If the worst thing in life is not knowing, then the second worst thing might very well be knowing that the outcome you wanted did not come to pass. While receiving a denial at the end of the admissions process can be frustrating, there are many others who have found themselves in similar situations. Here are several articles that provide perspective and advice on dealing with this stressful and sometimes disappointing time:

The College That Rejects You May Do You a Favor” by Mitch Albom

The College Rejection Letter” by David Nyhan

College Admissions’ Wrenching Ins and Outs” by Angel B. Perez, the director of admission at Pitzer College

College Decisions: Be Proud of Yourself, but Be Gracious Too!

And if your college decision hinges on being removed from a school’s waitlist, read here for your next steps.

Deciding Where to Matriculate

After receiving your acceptance letters, you may feel overwhelmed in determining which college is the best fit for you. If you need help choosing, check out “Evaluating Your Choices” or if you are deciding between several schools read “Choosing A College: What Really Matters.” Still stressed about making such an important decision? Read “Decisions, Decisions” for a valuable perspective.

Did you know You Are Only  Provisionally Admitted?

While it might be tempting to relax and enjoy the decision you have made, you should realize that all of your college acceptances are still conditional. Beware senioritis by keeping your grades up, staying involved in activities, and avoiding inappropriate situations.


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