New Titles For Your Summer Reading Pleasure

With summer approaching, it is the perfect time to select some books to read on the beach or on the porch with a tall glass of lemonade. With the volume of homework you manage all year it can be hard to find time to read for pleasure. Remember the joy you get from reading a riveting story and not wanting to put it down? Our friends at Wellesley Books offer recommendations in a range of genres:

Cool Apps and Sites for Students (and Non-Students)


You know all about Facebook, Snap, Twitter and YouTube, but there are dozens of free or low-cost apps and sites to help you survive high school, college, and beyond. Here are a few of our favorites:

Studying and Organization

  • Evernote – Evernote is perfect if you take a lot of notes while surfing the web. You can download web clippers, desktop shortcuts, and other handy tools, and you can also sync notes on different computers and smart phones. While it hasn’t completely

Get Ready for the New Common App

The Common Application, or more warmly referred to as the Common App, has recently revealed the fourth version of its application. The Common App is known for making the college application process simpler and its upgraded version promises to streamline the application process. Here are some of the key changes:

Streamlined Navigation and Features

  • Essential questions are now “smart” questions or questions that appear only when relevant to the applicant.
  • Onscreen support
Educational Advocates College Consulting

How Not to Ask for a Recommendation

It is the day before winter break. Just before leaving for school, Lily realizes that she has yet to ask Mr. Ross and Ms. Williams to write her recommendations. They were her favorite junior year teachers, and she is certain they will give her glowing reports. She fills out the forms and shoves them in her backpack. When she gets to school, she can’t find Mr. Ross or Ms. Williams anywhere, so she decides to leave the forms on their desks for them. “It’s obvious what these forms are for,…

Educational Advocates College Consulting

Recommendations for Getting Recommendations

When I receive a request for a recommendation, the first thing I do is to think about the student who is asking for it. What are this student’s strengths? Can I give specific examples of how the student demonstrated these strengths? How did this student do in my class in terms of grades and effort? What might this student contribute to the school or program he or she is applying to?

As you might gather from these questions, writing letters of recommendation can be a complex task. Here…

Educational Advocates College Consulting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Recommendations

Disclaimer: All of the events described here are real. The names and details have been changed to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent).

DON’T Assume – Even if you are 99.9% positive that a teacher will give you a glowing recommendation, you should never give out references and contact information without asking the teacher first. Besides being common courtesy, this notification allows your teachers to have time to think of specifics that they might want to include…

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