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Go Back To School With These Creative Resources

September 1st, 2023

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Go Back To School With These Creative Resources

There are still a few more weeks of summer before students head back to school so why not make  the most of the time. These five resources and ideas will encourage your creativity and inspire you to be more mindful. Self-care is scientifically beneficial for your mental health, confidence and overall happiness. Start new habits now and bring them into the school year with you.

Knitting is a great way to de-stress and keep your hands busy.

  1. Libby is a free audiobook and ebook app where you can borrow books from your local library including old favorites. The Atlantic reported that revisiting a book from childhood can be therapeutic. “Rereading reminds us that we can experience something intensely and not be seeing everything at the time,” said Yale English Professor Jill Campbell. “And going back, we see something different.” By visiting a story that you’ve read or was read to you as a child, you’re opening a portal transfixing time and space: be a child again, carefree and dreaming and maybe, in turn, find a dormant creative outlet that feels much more doable as teenager than it did as a child.
  2. Insight Timer is a meditation app that encourages you to take a break. It has thousands of options varying from two minutes to an hour. There is truly something for everyone. Meditation is a healthy way to quiet your mind, take time for yourself, and clear your mind for what is upcoming. A Harvard University study found that meditating had a positive impact on reducing stress in participants who practiced o eight-weeks of consistent, daily meditation. Start small to gain a big impact over time.
  3. Cooking is not only fun, but an important life skill. Fueling your body with something nutritious isn’t only healthy for your body, but also according to the Medical Director at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Science, Richard Restake, strengthens and challenges the brain by enhancing both sensory sharpness and memory.
  4. Fiber art or knitting can be a hands-on way to strike a creative match. According to Carrie Barron. M.D., author of The Creativity Cure: How to Build Something With Your Own Hands, “When you make something, you feel productive, but the engagement and exploration involved in the doing can move your mind and elevate your mood.” Do something creative and feel better–it really can be that simple.
  5. Remember when your parents would insist you spend time outside? Fellow bookworms might have fought against it, however there is scientific research that explains time outside isn’t just for kids. The Newport Academy has featured reasons for the importance of getting outdoors:  How Nature Supports Teen Mental Health including how it provides natural relief from the symptoms of ADHD and mental fatigue, inspires gratitude and awe, and builds resilience and confidence.

We live in a very exciting world but it can sometimes feel overwhelming and overstimulating. So start the school year off right by committing to taking care of yourself and finding new ways to do so. 

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