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Make the Most of This Summer: Plan Now

french-students-traveling-through-gapRather than letting the dreary winter months bring you down, why not start planning for an adventurous summer spent learning a new skill or exploring your interests.

Gain Work Experience. If you’re not interested in participating in a summer program or camp, an internship or job can help you explore careers and learn new skills – – and may also be advantageous to your wallet!

Many local organizations seek high school students for summer work. The Dana-Farber/Harvard …

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Focusing Your Activities

This past June marked ten years since I graduated from high school. Typically this may cause a person to reflect on what she has accomplished over the past decade; however, as a high school English teacher at the time, I was so preoccupied mulling over recommendation letters, college essays, and graduation requirements, that I barely had time to check the “not attending” button on my class’s Facebook page. Instead, because of my work with high school seniors I found myself contemplating…

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Preparing The Art Portfolio

Students who are considering studying art in college in a serious way must develop an art portfolio during high school. While there are liberal arts colleges and universities that admit art majors without a portfolio, the act of creating a portfolio over time can help students determine if art is in fact the right major for them. Here are some considerations for the potential art major:

Are you truly an artist?
Beyond the portfolio requirements, it is important for students to…

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All Acting, All Singing, All Dancing: The College Admissions Audition

Even for the most seasoned performer, an audition can be daunting. When added to the already stressful college admissions process, admissions auditions, often used at universities with competitive programs in dance, drama, and music, can seem like an insurmountable and sometimes confusing challenge. To help you navigate this complicated process, we’ve gotten advice from Laura Skaug, a professor at the Theatre and Dance Department at Belmont University in Nashville,…

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