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Teens Rank Anxiety And Depression As Major Problems Among Their Peers

The Pew Research Center reports that seven out of ten US teenagers report anxiety and depression as major problems among their peers. Teens cite concerns about mental health more often than bullying, drug addiction or alcohol abuse. They also say that the number one pressure they face is trying to get good grades. Yes, there’s pressure to look good, to be a good athlete, and to fit in, but the pressure to perform well in school is the worst.

Colleges are responding in a variety of …

Girls and Social Media: Cautions

Back in 1994 a girl might finish her homework and then pull out her diary, unlock it and begin to write about her day, the boys she has a crush on and her friends. According to Psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax, the act of writing allowed her to figure out, “Who Am I?” She was doing important reflective work with pen and paper and it was private. No one else would see it.

Contrast that scenario with the experience of girls today. In any gathering of girls, it would be challenging to find one who…


November Snapshot: Escalating Anxiety among High School and College Students

The New York Times reports on the prevalence of anxiety among our youth with some very concerning stories and statistics.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the most common mental-health disorder in the United States, affecting nearly one-third of both adolescents and adults. Anxiety can have a serious negative impact on a young adult’s health and the college admissions process can induce anxiety in both children and their parents.

We as …

How To Get Your Kids To Talk With You

Jack is standing by the curb. As he sees his mother’s car pull up, he heaves his stuffed navy backpack over his shoulder, grabs his lacrosse stick and nods a goodbye to his teammates. Jumping in the back seat (his younger sister is in front), he braces for the inevitable onslaught of questions. Like many parents, Jack’s mother has read many articles citing research that the best time to talk with your teen is while riding in the car together.

Parenting Educator Rosalind Wiseman disagrees.…

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