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Go Back To School With These Creative Resources

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There are still a few more weeks of summer before students head back to school so why not make  the most of the time. These five resources and ideas will encourage your creativity and inspire you to be more mindful. Self-care is scientifically beneficial for your mental health, confidence and overall happiness. Start new habits now and bring them into the school year with you.

  1. Libby is a free audiobook and ebook app where you can borrow books from your local library including

How to Help Teens Cope With Anxiety and Depression

The incidence of teen anxiety and depression had been on the rise prior to the pandemic, and has continued since. In a JAMA Pediatrics study, published in March 2022, researchers found that in 2020 alone, 5.6 million children were diagnosed with anxiety and 2.4 million with depression. Parents and schools are also working to address the issue. In the 2021-2022 school year, 96% of schools said they were offering at least one type of mental health service. Schools are responding

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Helping High School Students Manage Anxiety

Anxiety continues to rise among both high school and college students. Before the pandemic, a study of adolescents that has been conducted since 1938 found that there are five times as many teens with anxiety as those the same age who were studied during the Great Depression—an era when families struggled to put food on the table. According to an analysis in JAMA Pediatrics, since the advent of Covid-19, the number of teens worldwide who are experiencing depression and anxiety…

The Power of Positive Psychology in Navigating The College Process

While the college application process is an exciting time in a student and family’s life, there is no question that it also can bring on a great deal of stress. Students find themselves in the driver’s seat of one of the biggest decisions thus far in their young lives. Parents worry about the cost of college and the caliber of education their child may receive, amongst other things. And while this stress is completely normal, it is important to find healthy and productive ways to …

Girls and Social Media: Cautions

Back in 1994 a girl might finish her homework and then pull out her diary, unlock it and begin to write about her day, the boys she has a crush on and her friends. According to Psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax, the act of writing allowed her to figure out, “Who Am I?” She was doing important reflective work with pen and paper and it was private. No one else would see it.

Contrast that scenario with the experience of girls today. In any gathering of girls, it would be challenging to find one who…


November Snapshot: Escalating Anxiety among High School and College Students

The New York Times reports on the prevalence of anxiety among our youth with some very concerning stories and statistics.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the most common mental-health disorder in the United States, affecting nearly one-third of both adolescents and adults. Anxiety can have a serious negative impact on a young adult’s health and the college admissions process can induce anxiety in both children and their parents.

We as …

How To Get Your Kids To Talk With You

Jack is standing by the curb. As he sees his mother’s car pull up, he heaves his stuffed navy backpack over his shoulder, grabs his lacrosse stick and nods a goodbye to his teammates. Jumping in the back seat (his younger sister is in front), he braces for the inevitable onslaught of questions. Like many parents, Jack’s mother has read many articles citing research that the best time to talk with your teen is while riding in the car together.

Parenting Educator Rosalind Wiseman disagrees.…

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