Interested in the Military? Consider College ROTC

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is offered at hundreds of universities across the country by individual branches of the military: Army, Naval (includes Marine), and Air Force. The emphasis is on learning how to be a leader, specifically how to be an effective military officer. Here are some FAQs about ROTC:

What ROTC Scholarship Options Are Available?

ROTC programs include both scholarship and non-scholarship participants. Scholarships cover three to four …

So You Want To Be A Doctor…?

High school students often imagine a career as a doctor. Maybe it’s because they or someone they love has been through a challenging medical experience; maybe they have always been interested in the human body and how it works; maybe they’ve spent a lot of time watching “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix. Whatever the reason, many students talk about being “premed” in college. What exactly does that mean and what are some ways to make that dream a reality?

Students hoping to go to medical…

September Snapshot—Thoughts On Undergraduate Studies And Careers

Many students (and their parents) worry about getting a job after graduating from college. Students sometimes feel obligated to choose a particular major even if they are not particularly interested in that area of study. Among the myriad of majors offered at colleges today, 20 percent of students are choosing undergraduate business. According to the National Center For Education Statistics, business majors outnumber their nearest rivals (health/medical science and…

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Marist College Fashion Week

My daughter Ellie and I were guests of the Marist College Fashion Program at New York Fashion Week. A highlight of the event was the encore runway show featuring Marist alumna and accomplished designer Son Jung Wan’s latest collection. The designer was presented with Marist’s Silver Needle Fashion Award acknowledging her remarkable career in fashion and dedication to education. She and her troupe replayed their show for invited guests just minutes after modeling for celebrities,…

Science Research

College News Round-Up

  • Read about the new $192 million UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College, a learning and residential complex that opened in Fall 2013.
  • Stanford University is offering PhD humanities students who commit to a teaching career a free education if they are admitted to the Stanford Teacher Education program.
  • New research shows that liberal art colleges should get more credit for their contribution to the STEM talent pipeline. Colleges such as Allegheny College near Pittsburgh,

Capstone Projects Offer Real-World Experience

Many colleges and universities are now offering, and in some cases requiring, a senior project, also referred to as an independent study or a capstone project.

Capstone projects have a scholarly purpose, merging the concepts students learn throughout their undergraduate career with an authentic research question. Students also learn skills that are applicable to their lives after college; working alongside faculty and peers mimics the dynamics of working with a superior…

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Staying Sane While Living at Home

As the excitement and euphoria of college graduation slowly starts to fade and reality starts to encroach, many newly minted college graduates are finding themselves returning home to live with their parents. Whether you are staying with your parents while attending graduate school or searching for a job, this situation can help you get some financial security before you set out on your own. However, living with parents after college can also bring its own headaches, hassles,…

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How to Write a Resume, Part I: Four Tips for College Students and Graduates

Although resumes are essential for anyone looking for a job, they often seem like an intimidating and time-consuming undertaking. This is the first in a two-part series of articles designed to help you get beyond the blank page on your computer screen. Part II, which will focus on formatting your resume, will be posted on our blog and published in May’s newsletter.

1. Know the Resume’s Purpose: A common misconception about resumes is that they will get you a job. While crafting…

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What the Latest Study Linking Majors and Earnings Doesn’t Tell Us: Know Your Options and Know Yourself

Earlier this week, Georgetown University released a study, based on data from the Census Bureau, showing how much each bachelor’s degree major is worth. The unsurprising findings include that “different undergraduate majors result in very different earnings,” with petroleum engineering majors as having the highest median earnings (click here for the full report, including press release and methodology)

Also unsurprising is the flurry of commotion that resulted from…

Cooking with Emma

By Joshua Henry
Check out the first installment of Cooking with Emma:

Emma is a college hopeful and contributor to her school newspaper. She has a passion for the culinary arts and is eager to share it with others.

What’s your passion and what are you doing to show it? Could be a great way to catch the interest of a college admissions officer!…

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