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To AP Or Not To AP? Answers To Commonly-Asked Questions

Joan Casey One of the most commonly asked questions in our practice is: “Does it matter if I take AP courses or not?” The answer depends on what courses are the right fit for the individual student, and what the student’s aspirations are. Will I Be Able To Handle The Work? The first and what might seem like an obvious consideration is whether the student can handle the course work in an AP ...

Start Early: Applying for Test Accommodations

Rebecca KenneyIf your child has ever been diagnosed with a learning disability or a medical issue that affects his learning or currently receives accommodations such as extended time or use of a computer at school, then start thinking early about applying for accommodations for the SAT or ACT. The most important message is Start Early! Starting early means ninth grade.Case Study: Realizing the Need ...

How To Get Your Kids To Talk With You

Joan Casey Jack is standing by the curb. As he sees his mother’s car pull up, he heaves his stuffed navy backpack over his shoulder, grabs his lacrosse stick and nods a goodbye to his teammates. Jumping in the back seat (his younger sister is in front), he braces for the inevitable onslaught of questions. Like many parents, Jack’s mother has read many articles citing research that the best time ...
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