We help Massachusetts students find their perfect college experience.

At Educational Advocates, we understand the college application process starts earlier than you may think. Our college counselors specialize in supporting first and second-year high school students in Massachusetts to identify their college goals.

Working closely with students and their families, our college advisors for high school students guide high school to ensure students stay on the path toward a successful higher education future. We aim to exceed expectations by preparing our clients through research and staying up-to-date with the expectations of colleges nationwide.

Education Advocates College Planning
Educational Advisors college essay
Educational Advisors college essay

Massachusetts college admission counselors address student’s unique learning needs.

Students facing AD/HD, emotional needs, or learning difficulties encounter distinct challenges when transitioning to college. While some may hesitate to seek academic and emotional support, it is crucial for these individuals to find a college that not only suits their needs but also provides ongoing assistance.

At Educational Advocates, our college coaches specialize in supporting students with learning disabilities. We excel in identifying the specific support you require and narrowing down your college search to find institutions that cater to your needs. Allow the expertise of the best college admissions consultants to lead you toward a college experience that provides essential support for your success.

Education Advocates testimonial

Educational Advocates expertise about the process was unparalleled.

To say the college process is confusing is an understatement. I think Ildi is the best college counselor. She led with kindness, calmness, and much-needed grace. Ildi listened to our concerns and gave us brilliant counsel and invaluable guidance on everything from helping to select the right schools for Max to helping him craft compelling essays to comparing financial aid packages. Each essay comment helped Max showcase his personality and beliefs. We are grateful that Max is going to his top choice college. We cannot recommend Educational Advocates highly enough for anyone seeking top-notch support for navigating college admission.

Hilary & Meg, Parents of Max – Brown University Student


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