Our college admissions experts help Lexington students prepare for the college process.

Choosing the right college is one of life’s most important decisions – for students and parents alike. The college search can be stressful and time consuming. There are college essays to write, campus interviews to schedule, and financial aid options to weed through. Educational Advocates can help throughout the entire college admissions process.

We have experience helping Lexington, MA area students increase their chances of being accepted to their top school choices. With Educational Advocates supporting your college search, you can relax knowing we’re working hard on your behalf.

Educational Advocates - College Admissions
Educational Advocates - College Admissions
Educational Advisors college essay

Lexington college advisors can help you craft your perfect college essay.

For some students, writing the college essay is one of the most stressful parts of the application process. Our team of admissions counselors can help students craft a strong essay. It will highlight their strengths and make the strongest argument why they should be accepted to their desired college. Our professional writing specialists will provide guidance on creating a compelling essay. We will also carefully review and edit the final draft to ensure it’s ready for submission. In addition to college essay assistance, our college admissions experts also help in these areas.

How We Can Help

  • ADHD & Learning Differences
  • College Application Assistance
  • Essay Consulting
  • College Application Writing
  • College Application Advice
  • Essays/Personal Statements
  • College Assistance Program
  • Prospective Athlete Advising
  • College Counseling Services
  • College Funding Consultancy
  • Graduate School Admissions Counseling
  • Law School Admissions Counseling
  • College Essay Writing Help
  • College Essay Editing

  • Expert Educational Consultancy
  • College Admissions Planning
  • Visual Arts and Music Performance
  • College Funding Consultancy
  • Graduate School Admissions Counseling
  • Law School Admissions
  • College Essay Writing Help
  • College Essay Assistance
  • Expert Educational Consultancy
  • College Admissions Counseling Services
  • College Admissions Planning
  • Visual Arts and Music Performance

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College Counseling Reviews

Educational Advocates Review

“Cathy did an incredible job both evaluating my niece and helping her to find a school to fit her needs perfectly. She worked closely with her and used her skills to assist her with applications.  She received early admission to all the colleges she applied to!”


Educational Advocates review testimonials

“I was terrified of the entire college application process until I found Educational Advocates. Joan Casey was extremely organized and helpful which made completing my applications so much easier. She helped me craft the perfect essay and realize what I needed to get into the school of my dreams.”


Educational Advocates Fairfield CT families


We love working with Lexington, MA families – let our experts help you.

We are here to help. Whether that is help organizing your thoughts around which colleges interest might be best for you or learning how to present you in your best light. We regularly support students from Fairfield and surrounding areas. Get started today with a free informational appointment!

Hiring a College Consultant in Lexington

Our goal at Educational Advocates is simple: to help high school students get into college. We often begin with a client as early as freshman or as late as senior year. We help students determine which academic programs, classes, and extracurricular activities to take. This helps give them a leg up as a college applicant later. Our college counselors meet with students and parents separately to help determine their goals. We discuss grades, learning styles, and more with our clients.

lexington College Advisors Prevent College Transfers

It’s been determined that one out of every four college students will transfer to a new school at some point. It is mostly because the institution wasn’t the best fit. Our college admissions counselors at Educational Advocates aim to prevent this from happening. We help clients narrow down and target the best colleges for them and their needs. Choosing a college is a major life decision. Our experienced college coaches do everything possible to help students and families find the right school that they’ll be happy with. We conduct a lot of research to determine the campus culture and any challenges an applicant will face. You can feel confident you’ve made the right choice about which college to attend.


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