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Early Decision and Early Action: What You Need to Know

If you are a senior in high school, you are most likely in the final stages of narrowing your college apply list. You may have noticed that some colleges offer early action and early decision deadlines. Before you decide on a decision plan, it is important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of early applications. Here are some frequently asked questions about early action and early decision: What ...

Advice on Retaking the SAT or ACT

The school year is underway, and, for high school seniors, this fall will be their busiest yet. In addition to the usual homework, studying and juggling of extracurricular activities, seniors are frantically writing college essays and filling out applications. It seems like there isn’t a moment in the day to fit in anything else. So it’s not surprising that when a parent or counselor asks, “Do ...

College Costs, Part II: Merit Aid and Best-Value Colleges

The current state of the economy has left many college-bound students and their families more concerned than ever about how they will pay for college. In a previous post on college costs, we discussed financial aid and scholarships. In this article, we examine college options for those who are seeking value, and what it takes to be considered for merit scholarships. Merit Scholarships Merit scholarships ...
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