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Unusual College Majors That Might Just Fit You!

June 7th, 2022

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Unusual College Majors That Might Just Fit You!

Check out this list of unusual college majors. There might be something here you never even imagined you could study in college.

Entertainment Engineering and Design 

Do you love roller coasters? Do you wonder how Aquatica Orlando built its new 60-foot Ray Rush raft ride that ends in a plunge down a waterfall? Do you find yourself sketching ideas for a new Star Wars galaxy attraction? Then maybe a career as a theme park engineer is in your future. University of Nevada

Turf Grass Management is an unusual degree offered at UMass Amherst, Penn State and many other universities. PC: UMass website.

Growth and Structure of Cities 

This interdisciplinary program exposes students to planning, architecture and urban life from a sociological, economic, environmental and historical perspective. This kind of program is usually found in a graduate program. Bryn Mawr


Students interested in all aspects of food from food production and cooking to international food cultures and sustainable and ethical food practices can earn a dual degree in ecogastronomy along with a related major in an area such as hospitality management, nutrition or sustainable agriculture. University of New Hampshire

Turf Grass Management 

Most of us take for granted the clever designs on the well-groomed lawns at Fenway Park or the sheer beauty of a golf course fairway but there is serious science behind it. At UMass Amherst, Penn State and many other universities, students can take the Turf Grass Management degree in an applied science or business direction and end up in careers in research or sales in addition to grass management. University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Puppet Arts 

Lovers of theatre and set design might be a good fit for earning a BFA in Puppet Arts. Graduates of these programs design theatre sets and create puppets for film and television, and work in these industries in other capacities. Others teach, run schools and museums, and even build toys. University of Connecticut

Egyptology and Assyriology  

Lovers of ancient cultures and their art and architecture,  religion, literature, and language might want to delve into the study of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Brown University

Forged Architectural Iron 

Learn the ancient art of blacksmithing along with contemporary techniques to become a true artisan of metal. Students create objects of beauty and utility used in architecture and historic reproductions. American College of the Building Arts

Viticulture and Enology 

If a long lost relative leaves you a farm in Napa Valley then you might consider a career in grape growing and wine production. Students enter careers in the growing or the science and research side of the grape business or work in quality control or management. University of California Davis

Fermentation Studies 

Similar to Viticulture, the field of Fermentation studies is interdisciplinary including course work in science, business and agricultures leading to careers in the wine and beer industry, as well as in sectors related to the environment, biotechnology, business development, entrepreneurship and governmental regulation to name a few. Appalachian State

Costume Technology 

Learn to apply design to the clothing actors wear through this BFA Theatre major. You will learn theatrical craft, draping, cutting and costume shop management and take a series of business courses too. DePaul University


Yes, if you can believe it, you can major in bagpiping! This college has the nation’s only bagpiping major. Carnegie Mellon

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