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The college admissions scandal that captured our country’s attention last week illustrated the longstanding problem of money tainting the integrity of what should be a meritocratic process. There is a level of inequality that is inescapable when it comes to college preparedness—some families live in towns with better school systems, more affluent parents can provide enrichment activities for their children, pay for a private education, or hire tutors and educational consultants. Just by virtue of living in a stable home with employed and educated parents means that some children start life with advantages that others do not have. What we all saw last week, however, took this concept of privilege to an entirely new level with illegal actions, deception, bribery, and perhaps most disturbingly, negligent parenting.

If you have worked with Educational Advocates College Consulting, you are aware that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of practice and are committed to a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern our actions and our relationships with clients, colleges and other professional colleagues. This is why we are members of four professional organizations: the National Association of College Admission Counseling, the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the Higher Education Consultants Association, and the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.  All these organizations have professional standards related to knowledge, experience, level of education, professional development, and they each require adherence to a Principles of Good Practice which members review and sign each year at time of renewal. For those considering an educational consultant, be sure to ask if they are active members of organizations of this kind.

The families with whom we work have hired us because they value our student-centered approach, our commitment to their children, our culture of mutual respect, and our ethical standards. We have been so fortunate to work with many wonderful students and families who share our values and beliefs. We continue to be grateful for the parents of our clients as they accept their students for who they are, while gently encouraging them to reach their potential. They understand that a rewarding higher education can be gained at a wide range of institutions and has more to do with student engagement while in college than which college the child attends. They realize that students’ health and wellbeing are of paramount importance, and that honesty in all dealings should guide their actions. Thank you for trusting us and collaborating with us as we guide your children through this important stage of their lives.

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