Coming to Terms with Admissions Decisions

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Although the college admissions process can be stressful, students who seek support learn that they are not alone.

If the worst thing in life is not knowing, then the second worst thing might very well be knowing that the outcome you wanted did not come to pass. While receiving a denial at the end of the admissions process can be frustrating, there are many others who have found themselves in similar situations. Here are several articles that provide perspective and advice on dealing with this stressful and sometimes disappointing time:

The College That Rejects You May Do You a Favor” by Mitch Albom

The College Rejection Letter” by David Nyhan

College Admissions’ Wrenching Ins and Outs” by Angel B. Perez, CEO of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and former Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success at Trinity College (previously at Pitzer College).

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