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college admission essay help in Brookfield CTChoosing the right college is one of life’s most important decisions – for students and parents alike. The college search can be stressful and time consuming; there’s the college essay to be written, campus interviews to be conducted, and financial aid options to weed through. Educational Advocates can provide assistance throughout the entire college admissions process.

We have years of experience helping Brookfield area students increase their chances of being accepted to their top school choices. With Educational Advocates supporting your college search, you can relax knowing we’re working hard on your behalf.

Brookfield College Advisors Can Help You Craft Your Perfect College Essay

For some students, writing the college essay is one of the most stressful parts of the application process. Our team of admissions counselors can help students craft a strong essay that highlights their strengths and makes the strongest argument why they should be accepted to their desired college. Our professional writing specialists will provide guidance on creating a compelling essay, and also carefully review and edit the final draft to ensure it’s ready for submission. In addition to college essay assistance, our college admissions experts help with all facets of the college search.

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Brookfield College Advisors Can Help You Craft Your Perfect College Essay
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We Love Working With Brookfield, CT Families – Let Our College Admissions Experts Help You

College Consulting Reviews

“Our daughter got into her #1 choice of colleges. She applied to a brand new program designed for students who want to develop or work in a creative business. She would never have known about the program were it not for Rebecca Kenney at Educational Advocates who continues to do extensive research not only on the college choices but the “inside the college choices” as well.” – Bob, Parent

“You really helped me through an incredibly stressful time in my life and you made it a million times easier.” – Chris, Student

We Love Working With Brookfield, CT Families – Let Our College Admissions Experts Help You

Whether you need help organizing your thoughts around which colleges interest might be best for you or learning how to present you in your best light, we’re here to help. We regularly support students from Brookfield and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about our college consulting services at: 617-734-3700.

About Brookfield, Connecticut

Receiving College Consulting Assistance in Brookfield

High school students and their parents have enough on their plate to think about such as maintaining grades and pursuing athletic activities, let alone college plans. The college advisors at Educational Advocates have been helping to ease the stress of choosing and applying to colleges for over a decade. We work closely with students and their families, creating a plan of action and conducting research on their behalf so they can savor more time together before graduation. Our college admissions counselors are your guiding hand on your path to higher education.

Brookfield College Coaches Help With the Transition to College

Graduating from high school is a bittersweet time; it’s a time to celebrate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. For many high school students, the transition can feel overwhelming as they say goodbye to friends and enter an unfamiliar environment. At Educational Advocates, our admissions counselors work hard to ensure the colleges our clients plan on attending are a great fit. We understand the campus culture at each school and can make recommendations so that students are not just choosing the college with the right academic programs for their goals, but one with a campus community that will make them feel right at home.

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About Brookfield

A Fairfield county town Brookfield has a population of 16,487. It is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. This town was first established as the parish of Newbury, later it was named Brookfield after Thomas brook, the reverend of the congregational church parish. The town played an active role in the American revolutionary war. It was a farming community and beans, squash, corn, and other foods were harvested here. Chestnuts, hickory nuts, beach nuts, and other kinds of wild foods were also harvested here. Animal hunting also occurred here. Squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys,s and other animals were hunted. Ushering of corn mills, cotton mills, and so on established Brookfield as an industrial town. Today it is a service-oriented economy with insurance, healthcare, technical and scientific services as the main economy providers. Places of interest here are Brookfield Craft Center, Candlewood Lake, Cadigan Park and so on.

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