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Choosing the right college is one of life’s most important decisions – for students and parents alike. The college search can be stressful and time consuming; there’s the college essay to be written, campus interviews to be conducted, and financial aid options to weed through. Educational Advocates can provide assistance throughout the entire college admissions process.

We have years of experience helping Amherst area students increase their chances of being accepted to their top school choices. With Educational Advocates supporting your college search, you can relax knowing we’re working hard on your behalf.

Amherst College Advisors Can Help You Craft Your Perfect College Essay

For some students, writing the college essay is one of the most stressful parts of the application process. Our team of admissions counselors can help students craft a strong essay that highlights their strengths and makes the strongest argument why they should be accepted to their desired college. Our professional writing specialists will provide guidance on creating a compelling essay, and also carefully review and edit the final draft to ensure it’s ready for submission. In addition to college essay assistance, our college admissions experts help with all facets of the college search.

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Amherst College Advisors Can Help You Craft Your Perfect College Essay
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We Love Working With Amherst, NH Families – Let Our College Admissions Experts Help You

College Consulting Reviews

“Educational Advocates’ help in preparing our daughter for the college process was invaluable. I’m not sure that we would have been able to get through it without their help.” – Christie, Parent

“Educational Advocates definitely helped me organize my thoughts and figure out what it was that I was looking for in a college. I had no idea what type of school I wanted and you assisted me with figuring out all the specifics. Without all of your help, the college application process would have been never-ending and extremely difficult.” – Julie, Student

We Love Working With Amherst, NH Families – Let Our College Admissions Experts Help You

Whether you need help organizing your thoughts around which colleges interest might be best for you or learning how to present you in your best light, we’re here to help. We regularly support students from Amherst and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about our college consulting services at: 617-734-3700.

About Amherst, New Hampshire

Full Service College Consulting Offered In Amherst

Whether you’re a high school student that needs to get a head start on thinking about your future and the college search, or a current college student looking to transfer to one that fits better with your goals and personality, the admissions counselors at Educational Advocates can provide you with complete guidance. We help our clients find the colleges that best align with their academic and career goals, and help them during every step in the college search process. We also provide full assistance with uncovering financial aid options so the college is not only the right fit, but within budget.

Amherst College Counselors Provide Career Assessment and Consulting

One of the ways our college advisors help students determine the list of colleges to apply to is by assessing their career goals. We help clients make an informed decision about a chosen career path by assessing their personality, interests, and aptitudes. Our college coaches also offer the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) to help students determine their personality and likes/dislikes to recommend career possibilities to them. We can administer this test not just to high school students and current college students, but to adults as well who are seeking a career change or to improve their current career path.

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About Amherst

A Hillsborough county town Amherst has a population of 11,229. The town got named after Lord Amherst, a General of the British Forces. The town has had a great role in the American Revolutionary War. The Wilton and Nashua railroad passes through Amherst. Children from this town have the opportunity to attend public schools like Clark Elementary School, Amherst Middle School, Souhegan High School and so on. It is one of the most beautiful towns and has an abundance of nature. This town is home To Hodgman State Forest, Ponemah Bog Wildlife Sanctuary, Baboosic Lake, and Joe English Reservation. Other places of interest include Labelle Winery, Purgatory Brook, Monson Center, and more. Some of the historical landmarks here are Third County Courthouse, First Congregational Church, The Soldiers Monument, and more. Notable people from here are basketball player Courtney Banghart, artist Moses Billings, former US president Franklin Pierce and more.

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