Super Bowl Memories

By Joshua Henry

Watching the Super Bowl last night, I couldn’t help but think back to past Super Bowl viewing experiences. What I found intriguing was that I clearly remember watching the Super Bowl each of my four years in college, yet I can’t remember what I did to watch the game during any of my four years in high school.

I remember my first year at the College of William & Mary, in 2000, when Kevin Dyson and the Tennessee Titans came up one yard short of tying the St. Louis Rams on the game’s final play. I watched with friends from my residence hall, on the television in our lounge, eating pizza.

I remember year two, 2001, when Trent Dilfer and the Baltimore Ravens blew out the New York Giants. I watched the game at an on-campus apartment with my then girlfriend, a couple of her close friends, and a couple other guys whose names I can’t remember.

In my third year, I watched from the living room of one of William & Mary’s lodge residences with my good friend Pat, his lodge-mates and friends. I remember being saddened as the New England Patriots and then unknown quarterback Tom Brady staged a remarkable upset over the greatest show on a turf, the St. Louis Rams, for whom I was rooting. But I also remember being uplifted by the quality of the chicken wings that night.

And I remember my final year at William & Mary, 2003, hosting a Super Bowl party with my roommates in our own on-campus apartment, and watching Jon Gruden coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a convincing victory over his former team, the Oakland Raiders.

It’s shocking to me now that I can remember these four nights so vividly, but I can’t recall watching any of the four preceding Super Bowls – I remember the games, just not the experience of watching them. It goes to show you how meaningful the memories you make in college can be compared to other times in your life. There are great experiences waiting for those of you who are in high school. And those of you with sons and daughters in high school, who are doing your best to guide them towards making a college selection, don’t hesitate to recall and share your own memorable colleges experiences. You can be a powerful example of what your teenager has to look forward to, and why it’s important to work hard to get there.

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