Navigate college admissions with experts who care about the whole you

High school can be stressful. That’s why we help you reach your full potential in a kind and supportive environment.
And we’ll work with you to suit your style and schedule as we work towards your undergraduate admission.


Did you know that 38% of college students are age 25 or older? Many of this cohort attend college part-time while juggling work, family or other responsibilities. Students who are returning to college or heading there for the first time need assistance not only with applying and finding the right school, but also with easing the transition. We work with you to:

  • Find schools that are convenient, affordable and offer the programs in your areas of interest.
  • Think through your career goals and discuss potential college majors.
  • Assess whether you need additional academic support in college and where you can find it.
  • Manage the steps of applying.
  • Make you aware of the resources in colleges of which you can take advantage.
  • Offer guidance on choosing courses and other issues related to the college transition.

 If you are considering a return to college and need some advice, contact us today.

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