Steps Educational Advocates Has Taken Regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) being declared a public health issue of international concern, we have taken the following steps in our practice to ensure that we can continue to serve you in the event of rising cases in our community:
  • Ensuring our employees have the structure and support, including technology and supplies, that they will need to work from home and meet with clients online so as not to interrupt any service.
  • Posting information in our office with reminders of good hygiene and cold/sneezing practices.
  • Staying home when ill.
  • Stocking our office with relevant supplies, being more vigilant than ever about cleaning surfaces such as computers, door knobs, etc. and purchasing no-touch receptacles.
  • Continuing to monitor the situation as employees plan college visit and conference travel.

    Clients are encouraged to use Zoom meetings when needed.

We ask our clients to collaborate with us through the following steps:
  • Convert in-person meetings to online Zoom meetings when you are ill (assuming you are well enough to meet of course).
  • Bring your own charged laptop to meetings (assuming you have one and don’t worry if you don’t).
Again, these are just precautions that all school and businesses are being asked to take. We are not trying to be alarmist. You have our commitment that we will continue to support your needs.
Joan K. Casey

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