Visual Artists and Musicians

Students who want to pursue visual or applied art or music during college must prepare to showcase their creative talents through a portfolio, audio recording or audition. We work closely with students and their creative teachers on the college search process and help students:
  • Evaluate how serious they are about pursuing art-related or music majors in college and what level is most appropriate given their talent and aspirations
  • Understand the scope of creative disciplines and careers they might pursue given their interests
  • Recommend pre-college summer programs and year-round courses so they can become immersed in art and music at an intensive level and be sure such study is the right fit
  • Identify extracurricular experiences where they can gain experience relevant to their interests
  • Understand the wide range of options including those that are audition and portfolio optional
  • Connect with an expert if needed with whom students can collaborate for portfolio and audition preparation
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