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High school can be stressful. That’s why we help you reach your full potential in a kind and supportive environment.
And we’ll work with you to suit your style and schedule as we work towards your undergraduate admission.

Transition to College

Once students decide on the college of their choice, we help them with the transition to college, answering questions about housing, orientation, pre-orientation trips and course selections. In addition, we hold a meeting with the student to review the resources and offerings of campus life that are in line with the student’s needs and interests. We also discuss health and safety issues on campus among other topics.

Transition to College for Students with AD/HD and Learning Differences

Life after high school is the beginning of a student’s independent, adult life. While this is a very exciting time, it also brings new demands and increased responsibility. The transitions program combines video, role-playing, discussion and workbook exercises that help you:

  • Know Yourself. Students will learn how to describe their learning issues in plain language and identify and build on their strengths.
  • Know Your Rights. Understand how changes in law impact students as they move from high school to college.
  • Establish Criteria. Students will be able to identify the level of academic support and the specific accommodations they will require in college.
  • Define and Practice Self-Advocacy. Learn the steps to becoming an effective self advocate and how to explain academic needs so students can talk with professors with confidence.
  • Plan for Change. Understand how the differences between high school and college learning environments will affect individual students and how they can prepare.
  • Set Goals. Identify the personal changes and new skills required to meet college-level educational goals.

You can view information here about Ildi Szekely’s From High School To College Skills Program For Students Who Need Support For Executive Function Skills, Learning Disability, And/Or ADHD

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