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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assist students who have learning differences or other health issues?

fieldGuidance counselors, physicians, therapists and learning specialists frequently refer students and clients to us because of our experience in guiding students with specific needs. While we work with everyone who can benefit from our guidance, we have expertise in working students who fit the following profiles:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy or serious food or other allergies
  • Learning differences and AD/HD and Autism spectrum
  • Therapeutic boarding school students transitioning to college
  • Substance use disorder

If we refer a student to you, will you keep us informed of your progress?

With permission from the student and family, we are happy to communicate and collaborate with professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for each student.

Will your approach consider the specific needs of students?

Our individualized approach allows us to counsel and work with students in a way that is comfortable for them and addresses their particular strengths, needs and learning style. We also factor their specific requirements into our college list recommendations to increase the likelihood that the college they ultimately select will meet their criteria from an academic, personal, health and social standpoint.

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