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As parents who have guided our own children through the college admissions process, we understand the difficult balancing act between encouraging teens to reach their potential while not putting too much pressure on them. When the future is uncertain—the economy, the nature of work, and the outsourcing of careers overseas—it is only natural that parents want their children to get the best possible start in life. To many parents, this means they want their child to go to the most prestigious college possible. To others, cost is a factor as they seek a good value and hope to leave their child with the least amount of debt possible.

Beyond the general concerns about the future, parents are bombarded with news stories about how competitive college admission has become. High school students are applying to college in record numbers, the application pool is highly talented and strong students are routinely denied. The truth, however, is that there are more available college spots in our country than there are students to fill them. Where the competition comes in is with the top 50 or so colleges that capture most of the attention—and are sought after by many students.

Complicating matters is how much the world and colleges have changed since the parents of today attended college. A parent’s perception of a given school might be quite different than the present reality.

A changing climate requires a new approach

While it is difficult for parents to keep up with the realities of today’s college campuses, there is much reason for optimism. With more than 3,000 colleges in the United States, chances are that there is not just one college that is right for your child—more likely there are several that would make an ideal match.

There are many lesser-known colleges that offer tremendous educational advantages, including undergraduate research opportunities, collaboration with professors and inspiring study-abroad and internship programs.

What is the most efficient way to discover those colleges that offer the advantages that are right for your child?

Let Educational Advocates and our college admissions counselors be your guide. We provide college admissions assistance and help families in many ways:

  • Provide first-hand knowledge about the academic, cultural and social environments at a wide range of colleges, giving you direct access to the latest information.
  • Offer a step-by-step approach that includes parents yet teaches students to drive the college search process—a strategy proven to deliver the best results.
  • Help students understand the range of college selectivity levels so they apply wisely.
  • Consider cost issues so the list selection includes affordable options.
  • Provide a college coach who keeps your student focused and on track, allowing you to maintain a positive relationship with your teenager.

Educational Advocates devotes 20 percent of its time to visiting colleges and meeting with campus deans, directors and students. We provide insight that helps high school students match their interests to the right college.

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