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Costa Certified as MBTI Practictioner: Now Offering Assessment To High School, College Students And Adults

Cathy Costa is a certified MBTI practitioner as well as a college consultant.

Educational Advocates’s Cathy Costa recently became certified as a practitioner of the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is the world’s most-used tool for understanding personality types, and it has proven beneficial in academic counseling and career development. By helping individuals understand their innate personality preferences and how they differ from others, an MBTI assessment can help individuals interact more productively with teams and identify careers or majors that will best utilize their strengths. As a veteran of many corporate and not-for-profit cultures, Cathy has observed the reality that different personality types thrive in different roles and environments. While abbreviated versions of the MBTI assessment are available online, a personal interpretation and coaching session can make these comprehensive results truly insightful and actionable.

The assessment is based on a self-report questionnaire that asks individuals to choose preferences, which ultimately categorize their personality type based on four preference pairs:

Knowing your Myers-Brigg type can help you plan for your future.

1. Introversion vs. Extraversion: How do you direct and receive energy? Are you energized by interacting with people or by reflecting on your inner world?
2. Sensing vs. Intuition: How do you take in information? Through real, tangible use of the five senses, or by seeing the big picture and focusing on relationships and connections between ideas?
3. Thinking vs. Feeling: How do you decide and come to conclusions? Do you prefer to analyze facts logically, or to consider impacts on people?
4. Judging vs. Perceiving: How do you approach the outside world? Do you prefer a planned, orderly life or do you value spontaneity and adaptability?

For several decades Myers-Brigg has been collecting data regarding the relative frequency of each of the 16 personality types within a wide range of careers. This data, along with individual MBTI results from a certified practitioner, serves two fundamental purposes in career counseling. First, it can help identify where people of similar personality type have found satisfying careers. This is particularly beneficial in exposing people to a wider range of careers than they might normally consider. Second, it can help people make more informed career decisions by providing insight into how they’re likely to think, act, and interact in a particular work environment and work culture that predominates a specific profession.

Educational Advocates offers the MBTI assessment and an in-person interpretation to:
• High school students who are contemplating major and career options,
• Current college students who have identified a course of study and are considering potential career applications, and
• Adults seeking insight related to potential career changes, improved teamwork, or enhanced communication and leadership skills.

If you want to gauge demand, salary, benefits or education requirements for a certain profession, that information is relatively easy to obtain. Insight into how your unique personality preferences may manifest themselves on the job, however, requires the kind of deep dive into personality that the MBTI provides. Please reach out to Cathy (ESTP) at for more information.

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