February Fairs and Events for Teens

Although the doldrums of winter are upon us, a number of upcoming events can help you explore new service opportunities, improve your study skills, and look forward to summer programs.

The TeenLife Boston 2010 Community Service Fair is scheduled for February 7, 2010 from 12 – 4 at the Mall at Chestnut Hill. Registration is free.

The 2010 Summer Opportunities Fair will be held at Philips Academy in Andover on February 7, 2010. The event is free and open to the public from noon…

Taking the SAT: Crafting a Long-Term Plan

by Owen Pittet

For juniors, now is a good time to start shaping a long-term plan for taking the SAT. While there aren’t so much right and wrong choices with this issue, there are necessary tradeoffs with each test date. You’ll need to balance your desire to do as well as possible on the SAT against the need to manage competing demands on your time. Ideally, you’ll want to be fully prepared the first time you take the test, and if you retake the test, you’ll …

Advice on Retaking the SAT or ACT

The school year is underway, and, for high school seniors, this fall will be their busiest yet. In addition to the usual homework, studying and juggling of extracurricular activities, seniors are frantically writing college essays and filling out applications. It seems like there isn’t a moment in the day to fit in anything else. So it’s not surprising that when a parent or counselor asks, “Do you think you should retake the SAT (or ACT)?” the student’s first impulse might be

College Costs, Part II: Merit Aid and Best-Value Colleges

The current state of the economy has left many college-bound students and their families more concerned than ever about how they will pay for college. In a previous post on college costs, we discussed financial aid and scholarships. In this article, we examine college options for those who are seeking value, and what it takes to be considered for merit scholarships.

Merit Scholarships
Merit scholarships are awarded without regard to a family’s ability to pay for college…

More than Fashion Advice & Packaging: Reactions to the “New York Times” Article

Recently, the New York Times ran an article about an independent college admissions consultant who held a free fashion show featuring supposedly ideal outfits to wear to a college interview. So far the article has garnered over 200 comments. While many of the comments specifically addressed the sartorial choices of this particular consultant, a number decried the very concept of independent college consultants and implied (or outright stated) that the entire profession…

The College Board’s New SAT Score Reporting Policy

by Steve Elefson

This past summer, The College Board instituted a new score reporting policy that allows students in the class of 2010 and beyond to choose which SAT scores they send to colleges. While you cannot pick and choose individual math, reading and writing sections from different tests, you can choose which full score reports you’d like to send if you’ve tested on multiple occasions.  This places the SAT on more equal footing with the ACT which has maintained…

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