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Career Assessment and Consulting

Choosing a career or profession requires a complex combination of self-assessment, industry knowledge, and practical experience. We help clients to assess their personality, interests, and aptitudes to support their identification of good-fit career options that they can explore further.


Educational Advocates offers the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to aid clients in understanding their innate personality preferences, and to identify careers in which specific personality types are more prevalent. The MBTI is the world’s most-used tool for understanding personality types, and it has proven beneficial in academic counseling and career development. While abbreviated versions of the MBTI assessment are available online, a personal interpretation and coaching session can make these comprehensive results truly insightful and actionable.

The MBTI is a self-report instrument that uses four dichotomies to identify preferences:

  • Introversion and extraversion – do you gain energy from interacting with people or from your inner world?
  • Sensing and intuition – do you prefer information acquired through your senses or look for patterns and interpretations?
  • Thinking and feeling – do you make decisions based on logic or people and circumstances?
  • Judging and perceiving – do you prefer structure or flexibility in your life?

These preference pairs identify important differences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. For several decades Myers-Brigg has been collecting data regarding the relative frequency of each of the 16 personality types within a wide range of careers. This data, along with individual MBTI results from a certified practitioner, serves three fundamental purposes in career counseling:

  1. It can identify where people of similar personality type have found satisfying careers. This is particularly beneficial in exposing people to a wider range of careers than they might normally consider.
  2. It can help people make more informed career decisions by providing insight into how they’re likely to think, act, and interact in a particular work environment and work culture that predominates a specific profession.
  3. An MBTI assessment can also help individuals interact more productively with teams of diverse individuals within their current work environment.

Educational Advocates offers the MBTI assessment and an in-person interpretation to:

If you want to gauge demand, salary, benefits or education requirements for a certain profession, that information is relatively easy to obtain. Insight into how your unique personality preferences may manifest themselves on the job, however, requires the kind of deep dive into personality that the MBTI provides. Please reach out to Cathy (ESTP) at for more information.

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