Beyond the Naked Roommate: Dealing with Roommate Woes

In the past few weeks, the Boston media has been focusing on a murder of an alleged marijuana dealer in a Harvard University dorm. The boyfriend of a Harvard student is being held on charges related to the planned robbery and murder of this young man. While many young people on college campuses regularly use and buy pot, not too many think about the fact that marijuana dealers interact with larger players in organized crime and carry large sums of money. When lots of money is at stake,…

Financial Aid and Loan Offers – Evaluate Carefully

By now college-bound seniors should have received their award letters from the colleges of their choice. Remember that both grant awards (which is outright money that does not need to be paid back) and loans are listed on the same letter. Also keep in mind that loans are not financial aid. For this reason it is critical to review the loan terms and interest rates being offered very closely. Families who own a home may discover that they will get a more favorable interest rate through…

The College Board’s New SAT Score Reporting Policy

by Steve Elefson

This past summer, The College Board instituted a new score reporting policy that allows students in the class of 2010 and beyond to choose which SAT scores they send to colleges. While you cannot pick and choose individual math, reading and writing sections from different tests, you can choose which full score reports you’d like to send if you’ve tested on multiple occasions.  This places the SAT on more equal footing with the ACT which has maintained…

8 Steps to Make the Most of College

1. Make Connections 
Seek opportunities outside of class such as internships, summer experiences, and research projects with faculty where you can learn about the real world. Visit the career center early in freshman year, meet with your advisor regularly and talk with professors about your areas of interest — both academic and career.

2. Be a Joiner. 
Join an activity that interests you in depth. If the first doesn’t click, try another. Consider trying something…

College Freshman Profile: Abe Levine

This is the first in an occasional series highlighting the experience of college freshmen. In this issue we interview Abe Levine, a 2007 graduate of Brookline High School, who is attending Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Macalester is a highly selective liberal arts college noted for its political activism, international focus and Midwestern friendliness.

How is the academic work different from high school?
The work at Macalester is more demanding than in high…

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