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Final Exam Preparation: An Interview with Steve Elefson of Summit Educational Group

Final exams are looming and there is no better time to put a study plan in place. We recently spoke with Steve Elefson, general manager and tutor for Summit Educational Group about the best way to approach exams.  

What is the biggest mistake that students make in preparing for exams? Saving studying for the last minute and not allowing adequate time to learn the material is the classic mistake that students make. They see preparing for exams as so daunting and think, “The longer I …

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Recommendations for Getting Recommendations

When I receive a request for a recommendation, the first thing I do is to think about the student who is asking for it. What are this student’s strengths? Can I give specific examples of how the student demonstrated these strengths? How did this student do in my class in terms of grades and effort? What might this student contribute to the school or program he or she is applying to?

As you might gather from these questions, writing letters of recommendation can be a complex task. Here…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Recommendations

Disclaimer: All of the events described here are real. The names and details have been changed to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent).

DON’T Assume – Even if you are 99.9% positive that a teacher will give you a glowing recommendation, you should never give out references and contact information without asking the teacher first. Besides being common courtesy, this notification allows your teachers to have time to think of specifics that they might want to include…

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Bridging the Gap: What You Need to Know About Gap Year

For many students, going to college immediately after finishing high school seems like the obvious and expected thing to do. However, immediately jumping from high school to college is not always the best route for all students. For students who are feeling uncertain about college or just want time to have experiences outside of the classroom, a gap year might be the perfect solution. Taking a gap year between high school and college has been standard option in other countries,…

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Course Selection Time: Choose Wisely

It is the time of year for high school students to make course selections for next academic year. While you may not have many options until senior year, you still must decide on electives and the appropriate level of rigor for your academic classes. Here are some factors to consider when making your selection:

Sketch Out A Plan for Your Remaining High School Years
Students typically consider their courses for the following year without much thought about where those selections…

Middlebury College

This is the view of the Green Mountains from the campus of Middlebury College in Vermont.

Middlebury is world renowned for its international, foreign language and environmental studies. It boasts a 10% international student population. Middlebury is also home to the Bread and Loaf writer’s program and annual conference which attracts professional writers from all over the world.

Students benefit from close relationships with their professors and have the benefit…

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Early Applications Push Admissions Cycle Earlier in Junior Year

For high school juniors, college might seem like a long way off. Yet with early admissions programs continuing to report record applications (with due dates as early as November 1st of senior year), the timeline for students to begin evaluating colleges is creeping earlier into junior year. While students can visit colleges in the summer, it is not an ideal time as there are few students on campus and classes are not always in session, making it difficult to get an accurate feel…

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Passion and Its Place in the Working World

by Angela S.

Many career-hunting resources all say the same thing: follow your passion. For some, such advice may conjure images of owning a successful business, writing a critically-acclaimed novel or moving to L.A. and taking Hollywood by storm. But for others who aren’t sure of what their passions are—or even if they have a passion in the first place—such advice isn’t very helpful. What if you don’t have a passion for anything in particular? Or what if you have no interest in…

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Real World Morality: College Football & Graduation Rates

Thinking about morality, The Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson just published his annual graduation gap bowl that rates top college football programs on their graduation rates for white and black players.

Both top-ranked Oregon and Auburn have the worst records. Do you think these teams are exploiting their players? While some of players who don’t graduate may be drafted by the NFL, most will not. Should these programs be banned from bowl games until their records…

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Decisions, Decisions

On April 1st, the world shifts for high school seniors. April Fool’s Day is generally the final day by which seniors receive their college decisions. Then the tables turn as admissions officers begin their campaign to convince seniors to matriculate at their college next fall. Making the decision about where to attend college is significant. Here are a few considerations for students and families to consider.

1. Understanding the merit scholarship. If you are a strong student…

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