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Choosing a Major

How are today’s college students choosing majors? While many students choose a major to prepare for a specific career, others enter college interested in exploring disciplines that excite them without regard to job prospects.

The Career Driven Student

While conventional wisdom suggests that students are more likely to achieve success if they choose a major at which they enjoy and excel, a recent New York Times article found that many students choose majors they think will…

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Public Honors Programs: An Affordable Path To a Top-Notch Education

As a way to attract top students who might otherwise attend a private university, public universities across the country have been adding honors programs or distinct honors colleges. Such honors entities vary in structure, though they typically provide students with opportunities such as research, designated classes and a residential living component. In some instances, such as at the University of Arkansas, students receive scholarships that can cover most of their…

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Is College Failing Us?

I have stumbled upon some disturbing stories recently on some of the higher education websites claiming that the college degree isn’t worth what it used to be. Without delay, I declare it absurd and resolve to avoid using the news outlets that report such information. However, I find a small part of me is captivated and wants to keep reading. My curiosity could take me down two separate, but equally dangerous paths. Option one – my research horrifies me and I start to resemble Edvard…

Colleges in The Big Sky State

Top-notch skiing, hiking, football games and school spirit, strong academic offerings, less selective admissions requirements, great value. If this list caught your attention then you may want to take a look at Montana universities—University of Montana in Missoula and Montana State University—as part of your college search. I just returned from visiting these campuses so here is a brief overview of each:

University of Montana

Missoula, Montana is a classic, small western…

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Summer Surfing Online: Fun and (Mostly) Educational Websites

While mindless web surfing can be very enjoyable, the internet isn’t just for funny pictures of cats or streaming episodes of your favorite television shows. If you are looking for a way to have fun and learn a little during your time online this summer, we have a new roundup of entertaining and informative websites for you to visit.

Cool Infographics: Infographics are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They provide a way of explaining complicated information …

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Staying Sane While Living at Home

As the excitement and euphoria of college graduation slowly starts to fade and reality starts to encroach, many newly minted college graduates are finding themselves returning home to live with their parents. Whether you are staying with your parents while attending graduate school or searching for a job, this situation can help you get some financial security before you set out on your own. However, living with parents after college can also bring its own headaches, hassles,…

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How Not to Ask for a Recommendation

It is the day before winter break. Just before leaving for school, Lily realizes that she has yet to ask Mr. Ross and Ms. Williams to write her recommendations. They were her favorite junior year teachers, and she is certain they will give her glowing reports. She fills out the forms and shoves them in her backpack. When she gets to school, she can’t find Mr. Ross or Ms. Williams anywhere, so she decides to leave the forms on their desks for them. “It’s obvious what these forms are for,”…

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University or Liberal Arts College: What’s the Difference?

If you have been talking with your classmates about college lately, chances are you have heard comments like these (or maybe even said them yourself):

“My college has to be bigger than my high school.”

“I have to go to a school with big-time sports where everyone goes to the football games.”

“I don’t want my college to be too small or too large.”

A college education will cost you and your family thousands of dollars and where you go will…

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How to Write a Resume, Part II: Looks Count

In an earlier article, we examined the role of the resume as well as the general things you need to include on it. However, once you’ve perfected your job descriptions and settled on organization, you need to move to the next level, namely making your resume’s appearance as professional and polished as its content. Before dropping off your resume (or sending it out via email), here are some tips to help you and it make a good first impression.

Is This Scannable? Conventional…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? What to Consider When Weighing Your Off-Campus Options

After several years of life in the dorms, some upperclassmen jump at the chance to find housing off campus. Living in an apartment or sharing a house with a group of friends can be very appealing and offer students a greater sense of freedom than they had when they lived on campus. With an off-campus rental, you don’t have to leave when the dorms shut down, you have a greater sense of privacy, and you aren’t governed by campus or dorm rules and regulations. However, before you start …

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