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Should I Stay or Should I Go? What to Consider When Weighing Your Off-Campus Options

After several years of life in the dorms, some upperclassmen jump at the chance to find housing off campus. Living in an apartment or sharing a house with a group of friends can be very appealing and offer students a greater sense of freedom than they had when they lived on campus. With an off-campus rental, you don’t have to leave when the dorms shut down, you have a greater sense of privacy, and you aren’t governed by campus or dorm rules and regulations. However, before you start …

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How to Write a Resume, Part I: Four Tips for College Students and Graduates

Although resumes are essential for anyone looking for a job, they often seem like an intimidating and time-consuming undertaking. This is the first in a two-part series of articles designed to help you get beyond the blank page on your computer screen. Part II, which will focus on formatting your resume, will be posted on our blog and published in May’s newsletter.

1. Know the Resume’s Purpose: A common misconception about resumes is that they will get you a job. While crafting…

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Evaluating Your Choices

You’ve been accepted! Congratulations! However, when the sense of euphoria and relief has gone away, you have some important decisions to make. Before you start panicking or playing Russian roulette with your future, be certain to check out some of the following resources to help you make an informed decision.

What to Do When Colleges ACCEPT You” by Jeff Brenzel, the former dean of undergraduate admissions at Yale, encourages you to appreciate the opportunity…

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Handling College Admissions Decisions with Friendships Intact

While the frenzy of filling out applications and completing supplemental essays has abated, most seniors are now in the middle of the seemingly interminable wait for admissions decisions. Even under the best circumstances, this wait can be stressful, and rising anxiety can lead to less-than-friendly feelings of competition among students. “Protecting Friendships During the College Admissions Process” offers some excellent tips on what students can to keep tensions…

University of Miami

Students at University of Miami are spirited. I happened to be on campus one recent Friday evening when an all-campus athletic competition was about to take place. Each dorm had a co-ed team represented as did campus commuters. Students wore team colors, sported custom designed t-shirts, and some even carried replicas of the Olympic torch.

The campus is quite pretty and is located in Coral Gables which has many shops, restaurants and places to listen to music. Some of the notable…

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SAT and ACT for Students with Disability: Plan Ahead

Consider this scenario: Andrea has a language-based learning disability first diagnosed in third grade. She received academic support services from a reading specialist until age 11. As she entered ninth grade, she had mastered reading strategies and her team felt she no longer required services under an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Andrea’s parents, however, were concerned that she would not be able to finish high school exams because she reads very slowly.


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Drinking and the College Visit

It has been a busy day at Popular University, but Kristy is exhilarated after her time on campus. She’s sat in on a biology class, taken a campus tour, had dinner with her student host, and is planning on completing the night by attending a party thrown by one of the school’s many fraternities. She gets to the party and is immediately offered a beer by one of the frat’s members.

For many high school students, the college visit offers the optimal way of trying out …

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Navigating A College Website: 10 Tips for Getting the Answers You Seek

Most college websites are chock full of useful information if you know what to look for. Whether you are a junior just beginning your research or a senior with several acceptances in hand, these tips might help you get some answers.

1. News You Can Use – Look at the news on the home page to see if the college seems like a lively, active place. It’s a positive sign if faculty, alumni and student work and research are highlighted and if interesting guests are visiting campus. Suffolk University

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Staying Healthy in College

A recent article on Yahoo Health highlighted a number of health hazards in college dorms, ranging from the common cold to the dreaded (and very serious) meningitis. Although most of these things aren’t little known, they certainly can catch freshmen by surprise. To help you avoid some of the most common health problems, here’s some advice I learned the hard way:

  • Get a Flu Shot – In the whirlwind of classes, projects, papers, and other commitments that all tend to hit in the middle
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Are Certain Topics Off-Limits in a College Admissions Essay?

Since we are always on the lookout to find resources to help students with this task, I was excited to see an article from The College of William and Mary blog on writing essays and opening lines to not use. At first glance, the post some important points, such as the value in starting the essay strong and keeping the reader invested in what you are writing about. However, the post quickly shifts to a litany of complaints about commonly used subjects, such as overcoming an injury, making…

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