Beyond the Naked Roommate: Dealing with Roommate Woes

In the past few weeks, the Boston media has been focusing on a murder of an alleged marijuana dealer in a Harvard University dorm. The boyfriend of a Harvard student is being held on charges related to the planned robbery and murder of this young man. While many young people on college campuses regularly use and buy pot, not too many think about the fact that marijuana dealers interact with larger players in organized crime and carry large sums of money. When lots of money is at stake, trouble can follow. Imagine if your roommate was dealing pot. Would you look the other way and think “it’s no big deal,” or would you want to get yourself out of the situation? The suspected murderer’s girlfriend and another friend from the dorm were asked to leave campus and were not permitted to participate in graduation. Neither of these women has been charged with a crime, but their reputations have been compromised. Regardless of whether you think their treatment has been fair or overly harsh, the consequences they are suffering are significant.

Will something like this happen to you? It isn’t likely; however, take problems with your roommate seriously. Fuse, a magazine by Ithaca College, recently featured “Roommate Rules.”While the article doesn’t specifically address some of the more problematic situations that can arise in college dorms, such as what to do if your roommate is using or dealing drugs in your room, the advice it offers under “never simmer in silence” applies to these situations as well. The key message to take away is not to delay in taking action when there is a problem. Deal with situations as they arise, and ask for help when you are not sure how to handle a difficult situation.

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