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Avoid Senioritis

While it’s true that most of your work is done for your college applications, keep in mind that your actions and decisions in the months ahead can still affect the admission decision. Keep Your Grades Up. Colleges will get a copy of your midyear report, which will show your senior-year grades at the end of the first semester or term. Avoid senioritis: Colleges do not view it favorably. You should ...

Alert: Summer Program Deadlines

It may seem very early to plan your summer activities, but that depends on what you are interested in doing. Be aware that some popular summer programs have very early deadlines and interviews for coveted positions begin as early as January. Here are some ideas to consider: Apply for A Summer Job. Work experience helps students learn responsibility, how to collaborate with others and manage money ...

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

If you need gift ideas for teens, check out these suggestions for books and technology: Books: Our friends at Wellesley Books offer suggestions in a range of genres: The Three-Year Swim Club by Julie Checkoway. If you enjoyed Boys in the Boat, you will like The Three Year Swim Club.  A revolutionary teacher turns swim coach and trains generations of Hawaiian sharecroppers’ children into world ...
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