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A Goodbye and a Welcome

Anyone who has called our office in the past six years has likely had the pleasure of hearing a chipper greeting of "Good morning. Thank you for calling Educational Advocates. This is Terri speaking." That voice, of course, belongs to Terri Suico who joined Educational Advocates as an associate in October 2006. Looking back it is hard to believe that Terri's initial role here was to exclusively provide ...

Summer Surfing Online: Fun and (Mostly) Educational Websites

While mindless web surfing can be very enjoyable, the internet isn't just for funny pictures of cats or streaming episodes of your favorite television shows. If you are looking for a way to have fun and learn a little during your time online this summer, we have a new roundup of entertaining and informative websites for you to visit. Cool Infographics: Infographics are all the rage right now, and ...
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