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Playing the Waiting Game: Life on the Waitlist

For many seniors, April 1 marks the end of a long and often stressful period of uncertainty. Envelopes or emails from colleges will arrive, and the result is usually a definitive acceptance or denial. However, for students who are put on a college’s waiting list, the next steps are less clear. Here are some tips on dealing with life on the waiting list. Consider your options: Your first priority ...

Off the Beaten Path: College Visits Beyond the Official Tour

Even though spring break can give you some well-deserved time-off from the rigors of junior and senior year, these periods are also the time you might be thinking about visiting college campuses. For juniors, it is the perfect time to start looking at schools; for seniors, it gives them one more opportunity to visit the schools to which they have been admitted as they try to decide where to matriculate. ...

Decisions, Decisions

On April 1st, the world shifts for high school seniors. April Fool’s Day is generally the final day by which seniors receive their college decisions. Then the tables turn as admissions officers begin their campaign to convince seniors to matriculate at their college next fall. Making the decision about where to attend college is significant. Here are a few considerations for students and families ...
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