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Ready, Set, Apply: A Checklist to Help You Finish Your College Application

With the January deadline for most college applications lurking around the corner, it is time for high school seniors to start submitting applications. However, before pressing the "Submit" button and hoping for the best, there are a few steps that students should take in order to make sure that the applications are complete and to help prepare for the next steps in the application process: Apply early. ...

Letting Your Fingers Do the Walking: Researching Colleges

Even as the seniors continue to submit applications and start the wait for their college admissions letters, juniors are starting to think about the college process. Spring break and the summer before senior year are great times to visit colleges. However, before you sign up for a whirlwind, five-day, ten campus tour, it is important to start researching colleges even before you book your plane tickets ...

All Acting, All Singing, All Dancing: The College Admissions Audition

Even for the most seasoned performer, an audition can be daunting. When added to the already stressful college admissions process, admissions auditions, often used at universities with competitive programs in dance, drama, and music, can seem like an insurmountable and sometimes confusing challenge. To help you navigate this complicated process, we've gotten advice from Laura Skaug, a professor at ...
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