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Reading an Admission Essay

by Joshua Henry In the three years that I worked as an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission at the College of William & Mary, I estimate that I read more than 7,000 college essays. Yet, when students, parents or counselors ask, “What makes a good essay?”, I’m not able to launch into a concrete description of the perfect piece of writing that will win the heart of an admission officer. ...

Stop the Insanity! Staying Sane During the College Admissions Process

Even though the school year has just started for us here in New England, the college application frenzy is going fast and furious. From filling out the Common Application to writing and rewriting essays to scheduling interviews, it is very easy for students (and parents) to get caught up in the flurry of activity that comes with the college admissions process. However, while a little stress during ...
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